Nick's Plumbing and Heating Contractors are family owned and operated company who has serviced the community for more than years. We offer the best rates to our customers as well as offer a 24-hour, 7-day a week service schedule for all emergency services.All our trucks are ready to provide the quickest service and response time possible.....


Air conditioning

Nick's Plumbing and Heating has over years experience in the air conditioning industry and we have firmly established a reputation for supplying high quality air conditioning services in both commercial and residential environments. This reputation was built on the fact that our number one priority is you, the customer. We will give you a full understanding of the air conditioning options we offer to help you to make an informed decision. After you have decided what system or unit you would like our service and install team can handle any installations, from one room in your home to the largest office building. We service, repair, and install all of the companies. So your need could be as simple as home air conditioning system repair or tune-up, we stand ready to serve you with 24/7 emergency repair services and scheduled service and construction excellence. For homeowners, be sure to sign up today for one of our several money savings.